5 Best low budget business idea in India start with 1000

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low budget business idea in India: There are many people in the country who are unable to start their businesses due to a lack of capital. They often keep thinking that what work they should do so that they get a lot of profit and their capital is very less.

We are giving some business advice to such people through this article, in which they will be able to get less capital and more money. Yes, this will solve both the problem of earning capital and profit. So let’s talk about 5 Best low budget business idea in India, for this, you need to join our article.

5 Best low budget business idea in India

Thinking about business. But you did not have the capital to establish your business. Don’t worry I will give you some low-budget ideas and make a huge profit.

  1. Poultry
  2. Fisheries
  3. Fertilizers Wholesaler
  4. Beekeeping
  5. Sheep or Goat farming
low budget business idea in India start with 1000


Poultry farm or poultry farming is such a low budget business idea in India in which you will not require large space or much capital. By starting it on a small scale, you can get more profits. Actually, poultry farming is such a business in which good money can be earned by selling chicken eggs as well as chicken meat. Because both its meat and eggs are consumed by people in large quantities. Governments of different states also help people by in investing in starting the business of poultry farming. Therefore, you will need a very little budget in doing this business. And the profit will be found in lakhs.

Poultry business

Poultry Business ideas to start with no investment or zero investment can give you good profits.


The way people consume chicken meat and eggs, in the same way, some people also consume fish. Therefore, the demand for fish is also very high in the market. You can start a fish farming business, in starting of which you will need to have some basic understanding about it. Because doing a fish farming business is not as easy as it seems. You may also need a little more space in this. Keeping all these things in mind, start the business of fish farming, then you will get a lot of profit from it.

Fisheries business

Fertilizers Wholesaler

Agriculture is abundant in the village. Various fertilizers are also required. In such a situation, they have to go to the city to buy it. If you stay in your village and open a wholesale shop of fertilizers, then it can be a very right option for a business to make more profit on less budget. For this, it is necessary that you get the license from the relevant authority, as there can be more chances of fraud in it. You can buy and sell fertilizers yourself in bulk. You can earn more in this.

Fertilizers Wholesaler business

By investing only 50 thousand in the Fertilizers Wholesaler business, lakhs of rupees are earned.


Like fish and poultry, the business of beekeeping also provides a lot of profit. Honey is made from bees. Which is used in many things. In this business, you have to keep a bee, after which the processing of honey starts. Various companies buy honey obtained by bees and give their brand name by doing some experiments in it. If you know how to do honey processing along with beekeeping, and you want to earn profit by doing the business of selling honey directly in the market. So for this, you have to take proper training for it. Then you will easily get more benefit from it. Therefore, more profit can be earned in less investment in this, only when you take proper training to do this business.


Sheep or Goat farming

Lastly, let’s talk about sheep rearing and goat rearing low budget business idea in India. This business can also give more profit in less budget. Wool is made from sheep skin and goat’s milk is also used. Therefore, it is a very profitable business for both. For the people who start sheep farming business, financial help is also given by the state government. So in doing this business you will not face any problems related to capital. And it will give you more profit. You may need a large space in this business. But for this, you have to invest only once and after that, you will get a profit from it.


Sheep or Goat farming business started with a low investment of only 20 thousand rupees gives a good income.

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