Bruno Fernandes: Manchester United’s New Captain

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In a bold move, Manchester United has appointed Bruno Fernandes as their new captain, succeeding Harry Maguire. This decision comes after the Portugal international effectively led the team for a significant portion of the last season, including their triumphant Carabao Cup final win against Newcastle.

Maguire’s exclusion from the starting lineup prompted Manager Erik Ten Hag to convey that he was no longer the club captain during pre-season training. As a result, Fernandes has been handpicked as his worthy replacement.

Bruno Fernandes: A Natural Leader

Ten Hag’s choice of Fernandes as the new captain stems from the 28-year-old’s extraordinary qualities as a player and a leader. Having been twice crowned United’s player of the season, Fernandes has proven himself to be an inspirational figure in the squad. His ability to rally his teammates and maintain high standards on and off the field make him an ideal candidate to lead the team.

Communication and Inspiration

One of the most significant attributes that make Fernandes the right fit for the captaincy role is his excellent communication skills. He can effectively convey tactical instructions and motivate his teammates to perform at their best. During crucial moments in matches, Fernandes has demonstrated the ability to inspire and drive the team forward, making him a true asset in the captain’s position.

Leading by Example

Fernandes’ leadership style revolves around leading by example. His dedication, hard work, and consistent performances have made him a role model for the younger players in the squad. With 64 goals and 54 assists in just 185 appearances since joining the club in 2020, he has shown the team what determination and skill can achieve.

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Experienced Leaders in the Dressing Room

Although Fernandes is now the captain, Manchester United boasts a dressing room filled with experienced leaders. Among them are Raphael Varane and Casemiro, both esteemed players in their own right. Together, they form a group of influential figures that can support and complement Fernandes’ captaincy.

United’s Bright Future

As Bruno Fernandes takes up the captain’s armband, Manchester United enters a new chapter with great optimism. With a leader like Fernandes at the helm, the team is bound to thrive both on and off the pitch. His passion, commitment, and exceptional skills will undoubtedly inspire the squad to strive for excellence and bring more silverware to the club.


In conclusion, Bruno Fernandes’ appointment as Manchester United’s captain marks the beginning of an exciting era for the club. Ten Hag’s decision to entrust the armband to Fernandes reflects the Portugal international’s exceptional qualities as a leader, communicator, and player. With his guidance and the support of other experienced leaders, United is poised to achieve greatness in the seasons to come. As the captain, Fernandes will undoubtedly lead by example, bringing out the best in his teammates and carving a path towards success. The future looks bright for Manchester United under Bruno Fernandes’ captaincy.

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