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After a busy year in 2022, Vishwak Sen returns with his latest offering, Das Ka Dhamki. The director has left no stone unturned in making his second directorial venture a grand success, with no compromises made in terms of budget and thrills.

Release DateMarch 22, 2023
Filmywap Rating 3/5
StarringVishwaksen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Rohini Molleti, Ajay, Hyper Aadi, Akshara Gowda, Shaurya Kare, Mahesh Achatna & Others
ProducersKarate Raju
Music DirectorLeon James
CinematographyDinesh K Babu
EditorAnwar Ali
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LanguageTelugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review

The movie tells the tale of Krishna Das (Vishwak Sen), an orphan who works as a waiter in a hotel. His co-workers, portrayed by Hyper Aadi and ‘Rangasthalam’ Mahesh, are more than just colleagues, they are like his family. Despite being dissatisfied with the submissive life of poverty, Krishna Das is determined to make a name for himself and refuses to succumb to his circumstances.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review, Story, Download or Watch Filmywap
Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review, Story, Download or Watch Filmywap

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Story

Krishna Das, a waiter working in a luxurious hotel, dreams of achieving great success in life. One fateful day, he encounters Keerthi and instantly falls for her. Desperate to impress her, Krishna conceals his humble profession and leads Keerthi to believe that he is a man of great wealth. Meanwhile, Dr. Sanjay Rudra, who happens to be Krishna’s doppelganger, is the CEO of SR Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Driven by a desire to create a cancer-free world, Sanjay develops a revolutionary drug. However, tragedy strikes when Sanjay passes away in a devastating accident just as his life’s work is about to reach the market.

As Krishna’s relationship with Keerthi deepens, she discovers his true identity, causing him to lose his job. In a desperate bid to save Sanjay’s pharmaceutical company, his uncle (Rao Ramesh) enlists Krishna’s help by replacing Sanjay with him. The movie explores the thrilling twists and turns that follow and the impact they have on Krishna’s life.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Trailer

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Positive Review

Vishwaksen is a highly talented performer who has consistently showcased his acting prowess in his previous films. With Das Ka Dhamki, the actor has demonstrated that he is capable of fitting into a commercial hero role with ease.

In his portrayal of Krishna Das, Vishwaksen’s lively and charismatic presence serves to enliven the film, and his impeccable comedic timing is a joy to watch. The actor’s performance is effortless and the skillful execution of his character’s mannerisms is a treat to behold.

He effortlessly conveys a wide range of emotions and displays an impressive level of versatility in playing both characters. In several scenes, Vishwaksen’s acting is simply outstanding and showcases his exceptional talent as an actor.

The first half of the movie, while lacking a cohesive storyline, moves along at a brisk pace and manages to deliver an enjoyable experience. The comedic sequences and entertainment factor are the highlights of the first half. The scenes featuring Vishwaksen, Hyper Aadi, and Jabardast Mahesh are particularly amusing, with the trio displaying excellent comedic timing and histrionics that elicited many laughs from the audience.

Nivetha Pethuraj portrays a glamorous role in Das Ka Dhamki and her on-screen presence is radiant. Her sparkling chemistry with the male lead adds an extra layer of fun and engagement to the movie. The romantic portions of the movie maintain the same level of humor, ensuring that the audience remains invested throughout. Rao Ramesh, Prudhvi, and the rest of the supporting cast deliver competent performances in their respective roles.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Negative Review

Despite the hype created around the second half of the film, it ultimately fails to live up to expectations. While the story is relatively straightforward and has been done in various films before, the makers attempted to compensate for this by introducing a series of twists, one after the other. However, the twists lack conviction and appear forced, resulting in a confusing and underwhelming viewing experience.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review, Story, Download or Watch Filmywap
Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review, Story, Download or Watch Filmywap

The abrupt editing further adds to the confusion, and it is evident that these twists were included to compensate for the lack of substance in the film. While the entertainment factor provides some reprieve, it fails to fully capture the audience’s attention. The handling of the cancer drug angle is also subpar, with the scenes associated with it coming across as dull and uninspired. The item number at the end feels misplaced and detracts from the impact of the film.

Unfortunately, even the presence of talented actors like Rohini fails to make up for the lack of significance in their roles, and their performances end up feeling wasted. Ultimately, the second half of the movie falls short of expectations and leaves much to be desired.

Download or Watch Das Ka Dhamki

As of now, Das Ka Dhamki Movie is not available to watch online on any platform. The movie’s production company, MAPPA, has chosen to release the film exclusively in theaters due to its massive success. They have decided against distributing it online as it could negatively impact their revenue. The studio believes that streaming the movie could potentially decrease profits rather than increase them. Therefore, fans of the movie will have to wait until it becomes available through other means or re-released in theaters.

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