Emotional Confession: Strictly’s Anton Du Beke Opens Up About Family’s Dark Past

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The Strictly Come Dancing judge Anton Du Beke has revealed that he’s been once attacked by his father. He was forced to stay for three days in the hospital.

On Kate Garraway’s Life Stories on ITV, the 57-year-old dancer revealed that his father had stabbed him in the stomach and leg in the stomach and leg on Boxing Day at their family house in Kent.

Regarding the incident Du Beke said: “I was stabbed in my lower back and stomach in the course of a dispute during Boxing Day and it was an embarrassing situation.

“I recall walking out of the home to go towards the hospital, holding my leg. A police car sped by. I yelled down at them, and told them “He’s got an axe.’

“Anyway the police took the man away and I ended being in the hospital for up to four or three days. My main concern was getting back to the studio to dance and embarrassing myself for it.”

When the incident Du Beke revealed he was shocked by the incident that he admitted to people that there was a problem with his hamstring.

Du Beke said the revelations are likely to shock his family and relatives, since this is the first time that he was open about the incident. The father of the victim has been cleared in court for the stabbing incident.

Born to the family of a Spanish mother and a Hungarian father Du Beke grew up on an estate owned by the council located in Sevenoaks, Kent. Du Beke fell in love with dancing when he saw his sister dance in an area studio.

Though his mother was supportive of his passion for the sport His father, however, was averse to it. His behaviour also influenced due to his addiction to alcohol.

When asked about his father’s addiction to alcohol, Du Beke said: “The drinking and violence … it wastoward me as I was just a kid, an aspiring young man, I guess. If you have an abusive father, and the situation is that if you’re at home, the father is drinking, and there are fighting and other stuff.

“You’d move room to get away from all of it and then he follows you in and the next thing you know the violence starts and then it came to a head one evening, I ended up in hospital for three days.”

Du Beke was the longest-serving professional dancer on Strictly before he was appointed judge the role of Judge Bruno Tonioli permanently in 2021.

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