The Bharat Yojana | Bharat sarkar yojana 2022

The Bharat Yojana | Bharat sarkar yojana 2022

Our main motto is giving and spreading knowledge about our Country Bharat (India) for those people who have to suffer a lot in order to survive. That’s why it is our duty to give all information about the Central Government Yojana, and State Government Yojana. Not only about Bharat sarkar Yojana, but you will also find many BUSINESS IDEAS here. If you want to take a DEALERSHIP / Franchise of any company. You also gain knowledge about Insurance from Bharat Yojana.

Services of The Bharat Yojana?

Hi, my name is Tanmay Roy founder of The Bharat Yojana. Our main motto is giving and spreading knowledge about our Country Bharat (India). This website is for our Indian people. We live in India, But more people in India have to suffer a lot in order to survive. And we have launched this website for that reason. So that we can show those people the right path. Teach them how to live well.

government yojana Services of The Bharat Yojana

Government Yojana /
Sarkari Yojana

We give you knowledge about Government Yojana. Because many people did not know, what does the government do for them? What yojana does it make for their convenience?


Business Ideas

With the passage of time, the population of India is increasing so much. And because of this, the shortage of jobs has also come. But the desire of the man is not decreasing. Keep in mind we have brought many business ideas in front of you. With the help of this, you can create a business for yourself, and you can also help others by giving them jobs.



If you have money but don’t have time to do business. So you can double your income by opening a franchise store. Franchise means exclusive selling rights. A big company gives you a license to sell its product.

insurance umbrella


It is necessary to protect life as well, that’s why we have taken responsibility for your insurance as well. So that your family, your home, and your purchased products are safe.


Bharat News

Here you can read all NEWS related to our services like Insurance, Business, Franchise, Schemes, Dealerships, and everyday hot topics.

Hot Topic – Bharat News

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