How to grow cucumber at home in India

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Why go to the market to buy when you can easily grow cucumber at home in a pot without chemicals. So let’s got know How to grow cucumber at home in India. Grow cucumber in pot at home.

Eating cucumber is very beneficial for health. Whenever it comes to eating salad, cucumber is definitely included in it. Cucumber is rich in nutrients as well as antioxidants are found in it, which help in protecting you from many diseases. But to get all these benefits, you should consume fresh and chemical-free cucumber. You can easily grow cucumber in your terrace garden and get a lot of cucumbers. How to grow cucumber at home in India.

In today’s article, we will give you information about how to grow cucumber at your home garden.

How to grow cucumber at home in India

Not only salad but there are many women who like to eat cucumber peeled two to three times a day. But, every time eating chemical-free cucumbers from the market can prove to be expensive for you. So today in this article we are going to tell you some easy tips, by adopting which you can easily grow cucumber in a pot at home. Surely this cucumber will be without chemicals and also healthy, so let’s know that How to grow cucumber at home in India?

how to grow cucumber at home
how to grow cucumber at home

Best time to grow Cucumber

You can plant cucumber in your home garden throughout the year, if you talk about the best time to plant it, then you can do it in summer, February-March, rainy season in June-July, and people of mountainous areas in the months of March-April. Can also put.

What should be the seeds of cucumber?

The yield of any crop is good only when its seed is good. If the seed is not right then no matter how hard you try, the crop will never be good. Therefore, if you go out to take the seeds of any crop in the market, then definitely do your research that what kind of seed should be. If the seeds are right then you can grow cucumber in a few days. You can also go to a good seed store to buy seeds. How to grow cucumber at home seeds details.

How to prepare the soil for cucumber plant to grow at home?

After bringing the seed buyer from the market, first, you prepare the soil. For this, you put the soil in the pot and scrape it well once or twice. By scraping the soil, the soil will become soft and the crop yield will also be correct. After scraping the soil, you must also keep it in the sun for some time so that the moisture is removed from the soil. This will not cause any problem to the seed.

Material for soil preparation

  • Soil
  • Manure
  • Sand

Soil preparation method

  • First you take 50% normal soil.
  • Now add 40% cow dung manure to it.
  • Then add 10% sand to the mixture also well.
  • Now fill this soil completely in a big pot or 15 x 15 inch, 18 x 18 or bigger grow bag.

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how to use manure for cucumber?

After preparing the soil, the selection of manure is also the most important task. For this, you should use only any natural fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers spoil the seed as well as make its test useless. In natural manure, you can use cow, buffalo dung or other fruits and leaves. Keep in mind, at the time of scraping the soil, you must also add compost to it. This allows the seed to get nutrients properly.

How to grow cucumber at home in India

 How to Plant Cucumber seeds in a pot?

  • To prepare the plant, first of all, you take good quality cucumber seeds.
  • After this, spread the soil over them by placing the seeds on top of the soil-filled in the grow bag.
  • Take care that the seeds do not go deeper than about one centimeter.
  • Then soak the seeds in this soil by giving water.
  • Always keep the moisture in the soil by watering it till the seeds germinate.
  • The Cucumber plant needs 15 to 25 degrees temperature, it does not like very cold and hot weather.
  • It may take 4 to 7 days for cucumber seeds to germinate.
  • You start getting cucumbers to pluck only after 45 to 50 days.

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Water and weather for the cucumber plant

Proper and timely watering of the plant is also necessary after planting the seeds. Add water as needed until the seeds germinate. Apart from watering, you must also keep in mind the weather. Do not keep the seed in strong sunlight until it germinates. You keep it in such a place where there is less sunlight. You have to save it from the heavy rain.

Weed Care and Harvesting

Sometimes weeds also grow in pots from time to time. These weeds also spoil the plant, so make sure to spray the medicine from time to time. Kheer is ready to eat in about two to three months. If you liked this story, then do share it on Facebook and stay connected with your own website Harzindagi to read more such articles.

Tips for Growing Cucumber at your home garden

In order to plant cucumber in a pot or grow bag at your home, you should keep the following things in mind to get the maximum amount of fruits.

  • The cucumber plant is the vine, so to support it, you must give a net or some wooden support. When the vine of the plant is bigger, then more fruits will be found in it.
  • We know that a lot of water is found in cucumber, so its plant needs more water.
  • If you are a beginner then plant it during the rainy season for a good yield of cucumber.
  • If cucumber fruits are allowed to grow too large, they will begin to taste bitter and stunt the growth of new fruits. So do not let its fruits turn yellow and pluck them.
  • Cucumber plants also need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight and also you have to give fertilizer from time to time, due to which the growth of cucumber is very good.
  • Cucumber is prone to many diseases, due to which it is necessary to take care of it.

Cucumber plant diseases and treatment

There are many types of diseases in the cucumber plant, due to which it is very important to take care of it. Its plant is infested with insects like aphids, cucumber beetles, squash bugs. To avoid this, pests can be kept away by using neem spray. Apart from this, cucumber plants can be affected by powdery mildew, fungal diseases, and mosaic. To avoid this, ensure proper soil drainage and adequate air circulation around the plants.


In this article, we have given information about How to grow cucumber at home in pot, and planting, caring for, and harvesting cucumbers properly. You can easily grow cucumber in your terrace garden or home garden by following the steps given above.

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