8 STEP of How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk?

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 Are you a woman looking for spiritual development and a greater connection to your inner self? If so, you could be interested in being a woman monk within the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

This ancient and profound spiritual tradition can provide a path of self-discovery and devotion for those ready to embark on a transformative journey.

In this article, I will explore the steps of How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk? The challenges you might encounter and the invaluable rewards await you on this sacred path.

Understanding ISKCON: An Overview

ISKCON is a Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindu religious organization founded in 1966 by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The organization focuses on worshiping Lord Krishna and promotes the practices of Bhakti Yoga, which is the way of holy love.

The group has expanded to include numerous temples, centers, and ashrams across the globe, providing a warm and welcoming space for spiritual seekers.

The Call of Devotion: Becoming a Female Monk

Some women feel an irresistible call for devotion and a deep desire to dedicate their lives to serving Lord Krishna. This leads them to choose the path of becoming a female monk in ISKCON.

Embracing a life of simplicity, selflessness, and profound spiritual practice is integral to this commitment. However, careful preparation and thoughtful consideration are essential before taking this significant step.

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8 STEP of How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk?
8 STEP of How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk?

Preparing for the Journey How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk

Now know the process of How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk involves mental, emotional as well as spiritual training. It’s not an option to take lightly. These steps will help you through joining ISKCON as a female monk.

  1. Researching ISKCON

The first step to How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk, must have an in-depth knowledge of ISKCON’s history, philosophy, and practices. Unlock Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, discover Bhakti Yoga principles, and familiarize themselves with community life.

  1. Connecting with Local ISKCON Communities

The 2nd step for How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk? in your journey to becoming a female monk is to connect with your local ISKCON community. Attend their regular gatherings, bhajans, and spiritual discourses. Engaging with the community will not only introduce you to the teachings but will also provide you with a supportive network of like-minded individuals who can guide and inspire you along the way.

  1. Attending ISKCON Events

Attending ISKCON EVENTS IS POWERFULL STEP How to Join ISKCON as a Female Monk. Participating in ISKCON festivals and events allows you to be part of the lively spiritual community in person. These events can give you certainty and conviction for your decision to be a female monk.

  1. Initiating the Application Process

When you are confident about your chosen field, begin applying. Get advice from mentors and senior devotees within ISKCON to guide you through the required steps.

  1. Living in the Ashram

Being a part of an ISKCON Ashram is an essential stage in the life of female monks. It is a full-on experience of spirituality with communal services and dedicated practice of devotion.

  1. Embracing Monastic Life

When you enter the ashram, you will be guided through the monastic lifestyle, which includes the daily routine obligations, discipline, and responsibilities that are the hallmarks of a path of devotion.

  1. Taking Vows and Dedications

After observation and reflection, you may take vows of renunciation and dedication. These vows symbolize your commitment to the spiritual path and serving Lord Krishna.

  1. Step 8: Taking Vows and Dedications

After reflection and observation, You can make renunciation and commitment vows. These vows signify your dedication to spirituality and devotion to Lord Krishna.

The Life as an ISKCON Female Monk

The life of an ISKCON female monk is an incredible experience, a journey in the depths of devotion and a deep dedication to the divine love path. It’s a life filled with passion, simplicity, serenity, and spiritual development. Every day begins with the rising sun. As its gentle rays reach the ashram, it is filled with tranquility and dedication.

The bell that rings in the morning echoes throughout the ashram, inviting everyone to join the temple for morning prayers. As a female monk, you are surrounded by like-minded people who aim to find eternal truth and connection to Lord Krishna.

The temple’s room is decorated with stunning flowers and decor, setting the scene for a heart-warming morning Arati (worship). The captivating melodies of devotional songs fill your surroundings as you engage fully in the kirtan listening to the sacred sounds resonate in your heart.

After morning prayers, it is a good idea to sit in silence. The serene ambiance of the ashram is all around you, providing a wonderful moment of reflection and a connection with yourself within. In this tranquil setting, you can are surrounded by the divine presence and the feeling of being part of something bigger than you.

As the day passes, you take on various responsibilities within the ashram community. Serving others with selfless devotion is at the heart of a monastic lifestyle, and you’re eagerly engaged in jobs, no matter how small, as a sign of worship. Whether it’s attending the temple, cooking meals, or taking care of guests’ needs, every single service is a sign of the love and devotion of Krishna. Krishna.

During your day, you are engaged in spiritual activities singing your Hare Krishna mantra, studying holy scriptures, or attending stimulating talks. The principles of Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, resonate deep within your heart and guide you to the path of dedication.

Simpleness is the rule in all aspects of being female monks. With minimal material possessions and a heart filled with gratitude, you see that the actual fulfillment isn’t in material possessions but in the depth of your spiritual experience.

The camaraderie and the support of other devotees can create a feeling of sisterhood, which can be calming and encouraging. Together, you can celebrate the blessings of spiritual growth and support one another during challenging moments. When you’re in doubt, the spiritual community is a source of comfort, compassion, and understanding.

As the evening draws in and the temple is the center of worship. The evening Arati, with its gentle light of the candles and the scent of incense, creates a sense of divine connection. When you are in the company of God and the gods, you offer prayers by submitting your soul and heart to God, gaining the euphoria of being in harmony with the divine.

The day is concluded with the chanting of evening prayers, laying the foundation for a restful night’s sleep. When you go to bed in the ashram’s simple room, you experience profound satisfaction and contentment, knowing that every minute of your existence is dedicated to serving the needs of God.

In the quiet of the night, you contemplate your spiritual journey and feel grateful for the opportunity to follow the path of devotion. The difficulties, pleasures, and growth are part of the sacred journey. As you sleep, you realize that each day will bring new opportunities for spiritual growth and divine connection.

Spiritual Practices of a Female Monk

The daily spiritual practices include:

  • Chanting the Hare Krishna mantra.
  • Reading sacred texts.
  • Attending lectures.
  • Engaging in various devotional activities.

Embracing a Life of Chastity

Adopting a chastity-based lifestyle as an ISKCON female monk is a deep commitment beyond simple renunciation of desires for physical pleasures. It’s a journey of discovery, spiritual purity, and unwavering commitment to a life of dedication. Once you step into the holy chastity realm, you embark on a transformational journey that reaches the deepest depths of your heart.

It isn’t merely a limit or a denial of the world’s pleasures but rather an intentional decision to channel the energy of the soul towards a more significant goal: serving and loving that is Lord Krishna. In a society flooded by the temptation of material pleasure, it can be difficult, but the benefits that it can bring are incomparable.

When you are a monk female within ISKCON, You find comfort in the deep connection with the divine. The physical world is a distant second in the realm of the spiritual. The need for satisfaction from external sources can be replaced with a longing for more significant and lasting joy from within.

Devotional Service in the Ashram

Devotional service in the ashram is the heartbeat of life as an ISKCON female monk. It is a sacred dance of love and devotion, an offering of the heart, and a selfless service to the divine.

From the moment the sun graces the horizon, the ashram comes alive with the rhythm of devotion. As the sweet fragrance of incense permeates the air, you find yourself drawn to the temple, where the deity of Lord Krishna awaits with open arms.

Within the hallowed walls of the temple, you immerse yourself in a symphony of devotion. With each arati, you offer yourself entirely to the divine, as if the entire universe has condensed into that single moment of connection.

As the lamp dances before the deity, its flickering flame mirrors the enthusiasm of your heart, ablaze with love for the Lord. Every stroke of the bell, every melodious chant, and every flower gently placed at the feet of the divine become expressions of your soul’s longing for union.

Spreading Krishna Consciousness

Spreading Krishna consciousness is an endeavor that fills hearts worldwide with warmth and light, spreading Lord Krishna’s timeless teachings with passionate disciples worldwide.

ISKCON female monks take upon this sacred responsibility with great zeal and dedication, reaching out to seekers looking for solace or purpose through captivating kirtans, lectures, selfless service, and soul-stirring performances, kindling passion through devotion.

By spreading Krishna consciousness, they find satisfaction in knowing they act as instruments of grace, leading souls on an inspirational path toward eternal love and liberation.

Challenges on the Path

Beginning the journey of an ISKCON female monk isn’t free of challenges. When you explore the world of devotion, you encounter times of uncertainty and inner struggles.

In the process of self-realization, you must show enormous dedication, discipline, and self-denial. It is emotionally exhausting to face the challenges of our minds and the outside world.

Sometimes, you can feel the burden of your world’s desires grabbing at the heart of your being and restraining your dedication to the path of spirituality. When this happens, take comfort in the love and support from your spiritual community and divine mercy, as actual development and change can be witnessed during challenges.

Balancing Spirituality and Modern Life

Finding a balance between modern and spiritual life is like trying to balance the physical and the spiritual realms. In the chaos of our contemporary world, finding the moments still for meditation can be challenging.

Despite the hustle and bustle, the voice from the soul is never gone calling us to look for more profound knowledge. It’s a delicate act of managing responsibilities and nourishing the self-inner part. 

Engaging in spiritual practice within everyday routines gives life the meaning of love, purpose, and meaning. Within this balance, we can feel peace in our inner strength and an overwhelming belief in the sense of belonging larger than us.

Sisterhood and Support in the Ashram

Sisterhood in the ISKCON ashram is a beautiful tapestry of love and unity, where bonds are forged in the sacred fire of devotion. As a female monk, you become part of a compassionate and supportive community with the same spiritual aspirations.

In times of joy, you celebrate together; in moments of struggle, you stand united, offering solace and strength to one another. The ashram becomes a nurturing haven where you find comfort in the understanding eyes of your spiritual sisters.

In this warm embrace of sisterhood, you learn the power of collective prayers and the beauty of walking hand in hand on the path of divine love.

ISKCON Places: Where the Heart Finds Home

Within the bustling cities, but hidden away in peaceful countrysides, ISKCON places beckon the heart with an enticing pull. Every location has its own distinct name, but they all are united by a bond of love and devotion. From the bustling streets of Mumbai and the serene beaches of Vrindavan These sacred places of worship are a treasured place in the hearts of many followers.

ISKCON Places Beyond India: A Global Journey of Devotion

Beyond the borders of India, ISKCON places are scattered like precious gems across the globe, each one a testament to the universality of devotion and the power of divine love. From the bustling cities of the West to the tranquil islands of the East, these sacred abodes welcome seekers from all corners of the world with open arms and hearts filled with compassion.

1. ISKCON Temple, Los Angeles, USA: In the heart of Hollywood, this temple shines like a spiritual beacon, inviting souls to experience the magic of devotion. The divine presence of Lord Krishna and the spirited kirtans transport visitors to a realm beyond the glitz and glamour of the city.

2. ISKCON Temple, London, UK: Amidst the rich history and modernity of London, this temple stands as an oasis of devotion. The vibrant community and the soulful bhajans create an atmosphere of unity and love, transcending cultural boundaries.

3. ISKCON Temple, Moscow, Russia: In the heart of Russia, this temple is a testament to the power of spirituality in the face of adversity. The warmth and hospitality of the devotees break barriers and create a space for hearts to connect in love.

4. ISKCON Temple, Melbourne, Australia: On the shores of the Southern Hemisphere, this temple embraces seekers with a sense of belonging. The celebrations and festivals create a vibrant tapestry of cultures woven together by the thread of devotion.

5. ISKCON Temple, Nairobi, Kenya: In the heart of Africa, this temple exudes the essence of devotion amidst the wilderness. The devotees, with their heartfelt prayers and selfless service, create a sanctuary of love and compassion.

6. ISKCON Temple, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Brazil, this temple stands as a symbol of devotion and unity. The joyful celebrations and colorful festivals reflect the vibrant spirit of the Brazilian culture.

7. ISKCON Temple, Tokyo, Japan: In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, this temple offers a serene escape for seekers. The tranquil atmosphere and the soul-stirring kirtans provide solace amidst the fast-paced city life.

8. ISKCON Temple, Cape Town, South Africa: On the southern tip of Africa, this temple welcomes all with its spirit of inclusivity and love. The devotees, hailing from diverse backgrounds, embody the oneness of humanity under the embrace of divine love.

9. ISKCON Temple, Rome, Italy: Amidst the rich history and artistic splendor of Rome, this temple shines as a beacon of spiritual light. The timeless message of devotion echoes through the ancient city, transcending time and space.

10. ISKCON Temple, Bali, Indonesia: On the enchanting island of Bali, this temple blends spirituality with the beauty of nature. The devotion of the Balinese people and the soulful celebrations create an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

In every corner of the world, these ISKCON places serve as bridges of love, connecting souls from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Beyond geographical boundaries, they offer a universal message of devotion, compassion, and unity. As seekers step into these sacred abodes, they leave behind the worries of the world and immerse themselves in the divine embrace.

ISKCON Places in India: Embracing the Divine Abode

India, the land of spirituality and mysticism, is adorned with numerous ISKCON places that invite the soul to experience the ecstasy of divine love. From the majestic Himalayas to the serene shores of South India, these sanctuaries of devotion hold a unique charm that leaves seekers in awe and reverence.

1. ISKCON Temple, Pune: Nestled amidst the verdant hills of Pune, this temple is a spiritual oasis for the soul. The tranquil atmosphere and the captivating deity of Radha-Vallabha soothe the heart and inspire devotion.

2. ISKCON Temple, Ahmedabad: In the heart of Gujarat, this temple stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and devotion of the region. The all-encompassing love of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani is felt deeply within the hearts of the devotees.

3. ISKCON Temple, Hyderabad: Amidst the bustling city of Hyderabad, this temple is a serene haven that transports visitors to a realm of devotion. The grand architecture and the mesmerizing deity of Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan captivate all who enter.

4. ISKCON Temple, Kolkata: In the cultural capital of India, this temple is a vibrant hub of spirituality. The enchanting kirtans and soulful bhajans resonate with the heart’s longing for divine love.

5. ISKCON Temple, Chennai: On the shores of the Bay of Bengal, this temple welcomes seekers with open arms. The divine presence of Lord Krishna and the joyful celebrations uplift the spirit of devotion.

6. ISKCON Temple, Gurugram: Amidst the urban landscape of Gurugram, this temple provides an oasis of devotion and tranquility. The community of devotees fosters an atmosphere of love and unity.

7. ISKCON Temple, Jaipur: In the pink city of Jaipur, this temple stands as a symbol of devotion and cultural heritage. The exquisite architecture and the divine deities of Radha-Govind Dev inspire awe and reverence.

8. ISKCON Temple, Chandigarh: Amidst the modernity of Chandigarh, this temple is a beacon of spirituality. The spiritual discourses and the warm hospitality create an environment of love and inclusivity.

9. ISKCON Temple, Indore: In the heart of Madhya Pradesh, this temple is a haven for seekers yearning for divine connection. The soul-stirring kirtans and the divine darshan of Lord Krishna leave a lasting impact on the heart.

10. ISKCON Temple, Lucknow: Amidst the rich cultural heritage of Lucknow, this temple radiates the timeless message of devotion. The vibrant community and the soulful celebrations create a sense of belonging for all who visit.

11. Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, Mumbai: Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of India’s financial capital, stands a temple that offers a tranquil haven for seekers. The divine deities of Radha and Govinda, adorned in opulent attire, exude a mesmerizing aura of love and grace.

12. ISKCON Temple, Delhi: Amidst the political and cultural hub of India, this grand temple stands tall as a symbol of divine love. The magnificent deity of Lord Krishna, alongside Radha Rani, attracts seekers from all corners of the world.

iskcon temple delhi
iskcon temple delhi

13. ISKCON Temple, Bangalore: Fondly known as “Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Mandir,” this architectural marvel is a blend of modernity and tradition. The sight of the majestic deities leaves visitors awe-struck and hearts brimming with devotion.

14. ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan: In the holy land of Lord Krishna’s childhood pastimes, this temple stands as a testament to eternal love. The divine atmosphere takes seekers on a spiritual journey, reliving the mystical tales of Krishna’s leelas.

15. ISKCON Temple, Mayapur: The birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, this temple is a vibrant center of devotion and service. The chanting of the holy names reverberates through the air, touching the hearts of all who visit.

Each ISKCON place in India bears its own unique charm, weaving a tapestry of love and devotion across the nation. The divine abodes resonate with the longing of the soul, inspiring seekers to dive deep into the ocean of divine love.


Can I join ISKCON as a female monk without prior experience?

Prior experience is not mandatory, but a sincere commitment to spiritual growth is essential.

What if I change my mind after joining as a female monk?

The spiritual journey is deeply personal, and if you feel that the monastic life is not for you, there is no shame in reconsidering your decision.

Are there any age restrictions for becoming a female monk in ISKCON?

There are no strict age restrictions; sincere seekers of all ages are welcome.

Can I continue my education while living in an ISKCON ashram?

ISKCON encourages holistic development, and education can be pursued alongside spiritual practices.

Is financial support provided to female monks in ISKCON? 

Female monks rely on the ashram community, which collectively sustains their needs through donations and selfless service.

 Are female monks allowed to travel and share spiritual teachings?

Female monks rely on the ashram community, which collectively sustains their needs through donations and selfless service.

Can I maintain contact with my family while living as a female monk?

Maintaining family connections is encouraged, but the focus should remain on spiritual practice.

Can I join ISKCON from a different religious background?

Yes, ISKCON welcomes sincere seekers from all religious backgrounds.


Becoming an ISKCON female monk is a profound journey of spiritual dedication and self-realization. It requires sincere commitment, deep reflection, and the courage to embrace a life of simplicity and service. The ISKCON community’s support and mentors’ guidance will be invaluable through the ups and downs. If you feel the call of devotion within your heart, take the first step towards joining ISKCON as a female monk and immerse yourself in the ocean of divine love.

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