West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Portal Registration 2023 for IT job

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For IT professionals who have lost their jobs due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the West Bengal government launched the West Bengal Karmo Bhumi portal in June and launched a job portal for them. Now West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee and State Finance Minister Amit Mitra have claimed that till now more than 3000 IT professionals who have registered on this portal have got jobs.

You can apply for the job on the official website of WB Karmo Bhumi (karmabhumi.nltr.org). Today we will discuss West Bengal Karmo Bhumi yojana (West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Scheme). Karmo Bhumi yojana registration, criteria, and documents. with you the main directions of that website. So, please read this entire article carefully.

What is West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Portal?

The West Bengal government is doing a lot for the complete information technology expert living in the state. If you are an IT specialist but due to the current coronavirus lockdown you are unable to find any job in the state then now you can apply for the job on the official website of West Bengal Karmo Bhumi. Furthermore, we will discuss with all of you the important specifications of the website so that you can apply online through a step-by-step guide which is given further down in this article.

Residents of West Bengal state can now apply for the job by visiting the official website of WB Karmo Bhumi. This website will aggregate all the jobs that are hiring IT experts now and you will be able to apply for the jobs from the comfort of your home. People can now connect with IT companies of West Bengal through the official website as it will act as a medium between professionals and IT companies in Bengal. The main advantage would be that jobs would be easily available for job seekers.

Main Objective of WB Karmo Bhumi Yojana

The main objective of the West Bengal Karma Bhoomi Yojana is to provide employment to unemployed information technology experts in the state. With the help of this scheme, the unemployment rate of the state will decrease and all the unemployed citizens of the state will become self-reliant. The government will help IT professionals to find jobs. This portal will act as a medium between professionals and IT companies. With the help of this portal, the situation of unemployment will go away.

There are many benefits that will be provided through the implementation of the new website launched by the Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal. The specifications of the website ensure that all the information technology professionals lying unemployed in the state can be able to get jobs in just a few clicks. The website will also act as a link between job seekers and IT professionals. It will also eliminate the need for all those people who work as middlemen to waste money on job seekers.

How many people got registered and who got the job

West Bengal Finance and IT Minister Amit Mitra on Wednesday said that 3,000 IT professionals who have returned to the state from different parts of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic have been offered jobs under the Karmabhoomi initiative. He informed that so far more than 37,000 IT professionals have registered on this job portal, which was launched on June 8, and out of these, applications of more than 24,000 candidates have been processed. With this, more people are likely to get jobs in a few weeks.

West Bengal IT Minister Amit Mitra said that Essar Information Technology Company has opened its office in the Silicon Valley hub built in New Town. Along with this, Reliance Industries (RIL) has acquired 40 acres of land for Jio’s data center. He claimed that TCS is going to create 15,000 jobs in the state. TCS has acquired 20 acres of land in the proposed Silicon Valley hub. He said that this initiative of the Mamta Banerjee government will generate jobs for IT professionals in the state.

Eligibility for registration on West Bengal Karmo bhumi Portal

If seen, the West Bengal Karmabhoomi Portal is a great beginning from the state government, which will directly benefit the youth living in the state who are looking for employment. Mainly prepared for the youth in the field of IT, through which the youth getting graduation in the field of IT will get it. But some eligibility has been set for registration on this portal, which is as follows:

  • The youth should be IT professionals.
  • People who have lost a job during the lockdown can apply for jobs by registering on this portal.
  • Those who are permanent citizens of West Bengal and are looking for job opportunities in the state can take advantage of the portal by registering on this portal.
  • To take advantage of the portal, the applicant must have an Aadhaar card, ration card, income proof, resident proof, passport-size photograph, and mobile number.

West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Portal Registration Process

The West Bengal Karmabhoomi portal is being run by the state government in an excellent program on which IT professionals living in the state can easily get a great job by registering on it. To register on this portal, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, the official website of the portal https://karmobhumi.nltr.org/ has to be visited.
    wb karmo bhumi portal
  2. After this, the homepage of the portal will open in front of you, where the option of Registration / Login will be available, click on it.
    West Bengal karmo bhumi portal
  3. After that click on the Register Now button. A new page opens, click on accept buttonwb karmo bhumi portal 3.
  4. Fill in some information that the website needs. Verify your mobile number.
    west bengal karmo bhumi portal 4
  5. After verifying the phone number you got a new page. here you can fill your skill listing with experience.
    West Bengal karmo bhumi portal 5
  6. Now you finished

Disclaimer: Karmo Bhumi does not guarantee a job, it intends to connect the desired skill-set with available skilled resources.

wb karmo bhumi portal 6


Chep Minister of west Bengal Mamta Banerjee launch a job portal for those people who lost their job during the Covid pandemic. Those in the IT sector who lost their jobs during Covid. For those people, West Bengal Government has launched a portal named West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Portal. After registering in this portal, you can get a job.

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