Lizzo was accused of sex harassment and weight-shaming

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Pop Star Lizzo has been sued by 3 former dancers on allegations that include sexual discrimination and a hostile work environment.

Lizzo was accused of sex harassment and weight-shaming

The lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday, is based on allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination based on religion and race in addition to assault, discrimination, and false detention.

Arianna Davis Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez are the former dancers who brought the suit.

Lizzo and other people who are suspected of being involved have been approached for comments.

The lawsuit is that was filed by Los Angeles, includes allegations that dancing artists who were “forced to undergo sexually degrading behavior” as well as being “pressured to take part in groovy sexually explicit shows” between 2021 and 2023.

Some of the allegations against Lizzo who’s actual name has been changed to Melissa Viviane Jefferson – are that she “pressured Ms. Davis to kiss her female breasts” that a dancer was performing at the nightclub in Amsterdam as well as that Ms Davis was unable to resist and eventually agreed “fearing that it could hurt her career on the team” should she choose not to take the initiative.

Lizzo – who is renowned for her love of body and self-love, is also accused together with choreographer for dance Tanisha Scott of shaming the singer Davis during her the tour.

Ms. Davis claims that the two asked her about whether or not she “struggling with something because she appeared less committed to her part in the dance crew” The lawsuit outlines.

Although they were never explicitly specified, the question “gave Ms. Davis an impression she had to discuss her weight gain as well as reveal private details of her personal life to maintain her position” The lawsuit states.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that the dance team’s captain Shirlene Quigley, was adamant about her Christian beliefs on dancers and slammed those who participated in premarital sexual sex.

The actress is also accused of discussing openly one of the dancers who was formerly in her”uniforms” and posting about it on social networks.

Discrimination for racial reasons is being hurled at the producers Big Grrrl Traveling Inc.’s leadership team.

The report claims that members of the black dance troupe had been “treated differently” in comparison to other members of the group.

The dancers were charged with being “lazy or unprofessional and possessing negative attitudes” – the lawsuit stated that these were common slang terms employed “to discredit and discourage” women of color and that dancers of other races were not considered to be this way.

The plaintiffs also claim Lizzo as well as the production company team didn’t compensate them in a fair manner during some from Lizzo’s European tour.

They claim that they were given only 25 percent of their weekly compensation payment during the time they were not performing on tour, and other performers were paid 50%. They claim that they were not allowed to complete other work during their tour.

Two of the dancers named in the lawsuit including Ms. Davis and Williams were spotted by Lizzo in the month of March 2021 as they were training to compete on the reality show Lizzo’s Watch Out For the Big Grrrls The lawsuit states.

The third one, Ms Rodriguez was later hired in the month of May 2021, to appear for Lizzo’s Rumours music video. She then continued to be part of the dance troupe according to the report.

The dancers Ms Davis along with Ms Williams were sacked from the dance group, and Ms Rodriguez was later fired due to her alleged treatment of coworkers.

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