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Thankam Movie storyline: Gold agents Muthu (Biju Menon) and Kannan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) hail from Thrissur, India’s gold capital. In the movie, the duo embarks on a journey to Mumbai to distribute gold. However, their journey is fraught with unexpected mishaps that make for an entertaining watch.

Saheed Arafath’s film Thankam is another excellent example of how the Malayalam film industry continues to excel in producing realistic cinema. The film’s title is derived from the Malayalam word for gold, and it delves into the dark world of gold smuggling. The story portrays how individuals with exceptional skills are often forced to engage in criminal activities.

Release Date26 January 2023
Filmywap Rating4.5/5
StarringBiju Menon
Vineeth Sreenivasan
Aparna Balamurali
DirectorSaheed Arafath
ProducersSyam Pushkaran
Music DirectorBijibal
CinematographyGautham Sankar
EditorKiran Das
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LanguageHindi, Malayalam,

Thankam Movie Review – Watch or Not?

The story tells how debt taken to lead a decent living can cause harm in the long run and lead to tragedy.


The plot of the movie is unique and sets it apart from the typical investigative thriller genre. It offers a fresh take on the traditional formula by leading up to an unexpected climax.


The balance between the two parallel narratives in the movie is not maintained consistently. While the film aims to offer something different from what is already available, this can lead to a loss of focus on some elements of the story.

Watch or Not?

I highly recommend giving this movie a chance because it is an innovative and refreshing take on the investigative thriller genre. The unique plot and unexpected climax make it stand out from other movies in this category. Although the balance between the two parallel narratives could have been better, it is a minor flaw that can be overlooked. Overall, Thankam is an experimental movie that takes a step in the right direction and is definitely worth watching.

Thankam Movie Review

Thankam follows the story of two gold merchants, Kannan and Muthu, from Thrissur who embark on a journey to deliver their gold ornaments to Mumbai. However, their trip takes an unexpected turn when Kannan gets entangled in a case of gold smuggling, leading to a police investigation where Muthu and other acquaintances become suspects. As the case progresses, the story takes on the form of a thrilling investigative drama, where the truth is unraveled and the mystery surrounding the case is finally solved.

Thankam Movie Review, Story, Download and Watch - Filmywap
Thankam Movie Review, Story, Download and Watch – Filmywap

The initial acts of Thankam are characterized by a realistic portrayal that is typical of Syam Pushkaran’s style. Saheed Arafath has done a commendable job of capturing the camaraderie between the characters and the initial tension in the investigation. These aspects keep the audience engaged and invested in the proceedings.

However, towards the final act, the movie loses some of its sheens as the crime-solving starts to become repetitive, with the focus on tracking multiple suspects. The episode set in the movie theater is stretched out far too much, and the movie struggles to shift the audience’s focus from the whodunit aspect to the emotional reasoning behind the crime.

Biju Menon’s portrayal of Muthu is subtle and natural, adding depth to the character. His range of emotions may be limited, but his performance is convincing. Vineeth Sreenivasan is well-cast as Kannan, and his inherent innocence and positivity enhance the script and contribute to the suspenseful atmosphere.

Thankam Movie Review, Story, Download and Watch - Filmywap

Girish Kulkarni’s portrayal of the investigating officer is impressive, showcasing his character’s vigor and intelligence. Vineeth Thattil’s portrayal of a friend is memorable, despite having limited screen time. Aparna Balamurali, although having relatively few scenes, delivered a solid performance, particularly in challenging scenes.

Thankam showcases a shift from a crime drama to a character study, which can be unsettling for some viewers. Although the movie tries to transition from “who did it?” to “why would he do that?”, it struggles to bring the audience along with it.

Nevertheless, the film establishes its world and craft level through intriguing conversations that transport the audience to the world of small-scale smuggling. The interrogation scene towards the end of the first half is an excellent example of this. The editing style by Kiran Das is impressive, and the background score in the initial part of the movie is subtle and subconsciously guides the audience into a grey space. However, the loudness of the scores in the second half feels out of sync.

It seems that the ending of a movie can greatly affect the overall experience for a viewer, and in the case of Vineeth Kumar’s Dear Friend, the lack of emotional intensity in the reveal left the reviewer feeling disappointed. In Thankam, the screenplay attempts to delve into the psyche of a seemingly normal individual, but the reviewer feels that the film fails to generate the desired emotional impact. Despite this, Thankam is still regarded as a unique and well-crafted film, with strong performances from its cast and impressive world-building.

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Thankam Movie Trailer

Thankam Movie Download and Watch

Amazon Prime Videos recently announced on their official Twitter handle that “Thankam”, a film depicting the journey of two gold dealers from Kerala to Mumbai, will be making its digital debut on their platform. The tweet invites viewers to experience the gripping story of the two dealers as they transport gold on their journey. The release date of “Thankam” on Amazon Prime Videos is set for February 20th.

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