Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO allotment GMP today

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Investors Eagerly Await Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO Share Allotment

Investors who placed their bets on the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO are now eagerly anticipating the allocation of shares.

The subscription window for the IPO was open from July 12th to July 14th and received overwhelming interest from investors. In fact, the initial public offering was oversubscribed an impressive 101.91 times, with retail investors subscribing a remarkable 72.11 times.

All Eyes on Share Allotment

After the resounding success of the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO, all eyes are now fixed on the share allotment process. Investors can easily check the status of their allotment through the BSE website or the IPO registrar’s website. Additionally, email notifications will also provide information about the share allotment.

The allotment is expected to be completed by July 19, 2023. Notably, the share price of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank has remained relatively stable in the gray market over the past three days.

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium) Today

Market observers report that the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank shares are trading at a premium of Rs 16 in the gray market today. Remarkably, the GMP of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank’s IPO has remained unchanged for the last three days, reflecting the positive sentiment in the domestic stock markets.

Considering the IPO’s price band was set at Rs 23-25, the gray market’s premium suggests the possibility of the shares being listed at around Rs 41, representing a significant 64% premium over the upper price band.

Investors are anxiously watching the developments, and the excitement surrounding the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO continues to grow as the allotment date approaches.

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