Top 10 Scariest Movie that won't let you sleep

Get out (2017)

Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, QC Entertainment

Get out is a good Scariest Movie by Daniel Kaluuya . This story is about an African boy who has an American girlfriend. One evening when the boy goes to his girlfriend's house for dinner, he sees some strange movement.

The Shining (1980)

Warner Bros., Hawk Films, Peregrine

No. 2 Scariest Movie The Shine by Jack Nicholson. A funny and scary movies that you will love

Cast Away (2000)

Twentieth Century, FoxDreamworks, PicturesImageMovers

No. 3 Scariest Movie Cast Away by Tom Hanks. The story of a very common man. He lives as a simple man. 1-day his flight crashes and he reaches a unique island.

Soul (2000)

Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios

No. 4 Scariest Movie Soul. Soul is a animated movie. The story of soul is, thought of after death.

Shutter Island (2010)

Paramount Pictures, Phoenix Pictures, Sikelia Productions

No. 5 Scariest Movie Shutter Island by Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie about madhouse. After watching this movie, a fear will arise in your heart over the insane asylum.

50/50 (2011)

Summit Entertainment, Mandate Pictures, Point Grey Pictures

No. 6  50/50 is not horror movie, it is a scariest movie ever I seen.. This movie about CANCER and FRIENDSHIP.

500 Days Of Summer  (2009)

Fox Searchlight, PicturesWatermark, Dune Entertainment III

No. 7  scariest movie 500 Days Of Summer , it is a broken heart movie,  After love breakup life.

Eyes Wide Shut  (1999)

Warner Bros, Stanley Kubrick Productions, Hobby Films

No. 8  scariest movie Eyes Wide Shut  by Tom Cruise.  Black side of love and se**.

Brave Heart (1995)

Warner Bros, Stanley Kubrick Productions, Hobby Films

No. 9  scariest movie brave heart. The move shown the dark sight of war.

12 Years A Slave   (2013)

New Regency Productions, River Road Entertainment, Plan B Entertainment

No. 10 scariest movie 12 Years A Slave base on true story. In this movie have a dark sight African and American people. If you read about African American slaves you know how they were tortured.